No. NY & No. VT Truck Parts

Bart’s Parts successes have been built on outstanding customer service, unmatched inventories and their ability to locate hard to find items. They pride themselves on delivering the best heavy truck parts department in Northern NY. Whether you are an owner-operator or a large fleet operation, they have the staff, programs and products to exceed your expectations. While they are large enough to have the strong purchasing power to deliver great value to their customers, they are also small enough to remember that the customer always comes first.

Bart’s Parts store and warehouse is in Champlain, NY. They have provided expert truck services via their sister company TDI Repair & Towing for many years. Bart’s Parts can source and distribute parts across the Northeast and the entire USA. For customers outside of their delivery area they can often provide next-day delivery in many cases.

You Can Trust Bart’s Parts

Bart’s Parts is the proven leader in heavy truck parts, diesel engine parts and semi-trailer parts in No. NY & No. VT. They commit to sourcing your needed parts as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Whether your need is a common wear part or an obscure replacement part, Bart’s Parts is your one-stop source in No. NY & No. VT for all your truck parts needs.

Minimizer Products

Bart’s Parts maintains a full stocking link of Minimzer Truck Parts and Products including truck seats, truck fenders, Slick Disk, fifth wheel accessories, plastic took boxes, shop benches and floor mats.

Minimizer is not just the leader in poly semi-truck fenders, they invented the category. Minimizer has a poly fender for most heavy trucks and many trailers. For quarter fenders, single axle fenders, tandem or multi axle fenders Minimizer has you covered. These fenders not only fit like a glove and are nearly indestructible, they look great, and stay looking great for years.

Minimizer is known for the off-the-charts product testing. Like driving a tank over their most popular fender models, or freezing fenders and then hitting them with sledge hammers. They’ve wrapped their poly tool boxes in chains and dragged them behind semi-trucks moving at high speeds down gravel roads. They have fired pool balls from a pitching machine into their fenders and even crushed a few fenders and brackets with a wrecking ball. At Minimizer, ‘tested and tortured’ is more than our brand … its standard operating procedure.

Interstate Batteries

Bart’s Parts inventories a complete line of Interstate Batteries. They have batteries for trucks, heavy trailers, cars and even lawn mowers. They can also secure any obscure battery you may need.

Enjoying a reputation for top-quality products, business innovations and consistently reliable service, Interstate Batteries is the No. 1 replacement brand battery in North America. Interstate continues to thrive on our innovation, as well as their good old-fashioned business principles founded on treating others like we would like to be treated.

Torque Parts

Bart's Parts partners with Torque Parts to offer over 140 different types of air springs and 550 different types of air brake and wheel end products from their warehouse to their distributors around the country. They continuously expand and improve our product range based on customer needs.

Since 2015 Torque Parts has been manufacturing and extensively testing air springs that are exclusively sold in the US. This enables us to monitor the quality of our products, respond faster to our customers changing needs and keep our prices competitive. While increasing the distributor base around the country they also transferred their importing experience to other product categories in order to help customers. Learn more about Torque Parts on their website.

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