Bart’s Parts is the exlusive provider for Diesel Spec heavy truck performance services in New York and Vermont. Their relationship with Diesel Spec ensures they have the latest and most accurate software technology so you can benefit from their perforamce upgrades, egr deletes and dpf deletes services. Contact Bart's Parts now to schedule services today.

Performance Tuning

Safely improve power and torque

Need more horsepower and torque? We can fix your problem with our Performance tuning, which gives you up to 30% more power without having to replace any parts.
What does ECM tuning mean?
ECM tuning is the process of fine tuning the software program that controls your engine fuel management system, without having to replace any part. The result: more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption. What’s more, fine tuning an ECM has no negative impact on exhaust emissions or engine life.
We can increase the power of your engine by up to 30%. In 75% of the cases, even with a Performance tuning, you will still save on fuel. What’s more, optimal tuning of your engine will reduce your maintenance cost, since an engine with better combustion is a cleaner engine.

EGR & DPF Delete

Off-Highway Tuning

In addition to its engine repair and tuning services that enhance the performance of diesel engines while ensuring fuel economy, Bart’s Parts delivers off-highway tuning services to reach unmatched high levels of performance.
Via their Diesel Spec products, Bart’s Parts offers off-highway tuning services for special applications such as competitions and events like drag racing and/or sled pulling. In most cases, engines used in competitions require modifications, including the replacement of parts and the removal of emissions components. They put at their customers’ disposal a variety of high performance Big Boss parts: Turbo Chargers, Manifolds, High Torque Clutches, and more. Newer engines require the removal of the Regen System. Their tuning alterations include EGR Valve Delete, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) delete, Urea system delete (DEF Fluid), VGT Turbo delete (Variable geometry turbo) and RPM limiter removal. By removing these components from your engine, you will significantly increase the performance of your diesel engine when using your heavy truck for off-highway purposes.
With the deletion and alterations of some of these performance parts, your engine can easily reach over 1000 horsepower.

Diesel Spec tuning examples: - EGR valve delete
- CGI valve delete
- DPF delete
- VGT delete (Variable Geometry Turbo)
- SCR urea system delete

There are many other tuning alterations that can be made to your engine. Tuning allows you to reach new heights when using your heavy truck for personal purposes or closed-course racing.
Custom tuning available for competition trucks and export trucks using high sulfur fuel.

Truck export to countries with high sulfur fuel

Most countries still use high sulfur diesel fuel. All North American trucks that were built from 2007 to date, equipped with an EPA07, EPA10 or EPA13 certified engine cannot operate on high sulfur fuel. If they are using high sulfur fuel, their engines will only run approximately one week. During this time, the DPF will become completely clogged with soot/carbon and the engine will shut down.
Diesel Spec has the solution – completely cancel the after-treatment system (EGR-DPF-SCR). As a result, the truck engine will perform normally without having to go into derated or shutdown mode because of engine codes.
Most of our tuning work can be performed remotely all over the world with the purchase of Diesel Spec tuning tools. This means that you won’t need to ship your ECM and wait for a week. Therefore, you will save both on shipping costs and downtime. Once you are equipped with our DSI remote tuner, the tuning work can be done in just one hour.